Board of Education title


The Board is responsible for educational planning and evaluation, staffing and appraisal, school facilities, financial resources and communication. The Board, whose powers and duties are set by state law, acts as a court of appeal for staff members, students and the public on issues involving board policy or implementation of that policy.

The Board is composed of five members, elected at-large, to alternating four-year terms. Elections are held every two years. Board members are not paid; they give freely of their time to serve the community. After each School Board election, the Board chooses its officers for the next two years. If vacancy occurs, the Board names an appointee to serve until the next election.

The regular meetings of the Board of Education are scheduled for the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Administrative Services Center, Arapahoe Room, 315 W. 11th Street.

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Taylor Voss

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Dr. Margaret Wright
Vice President

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Tommy Farrell

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Judge Dennis Maes